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The Same But Different

I think the weight loss, weight gain, yo-yo dieting cycle is kind of like that movie, Groundhog Day (1993), except that instead of 1 day repeating, years repeat.  And you don’t really know it’s happening.  Or if you do know, you don’t understand why. Plot summary, from IMDB: “A weather man is reluctantly sent to … Continue reading

Before and After and…

Since shifting my focus away from weight, I’ve been contemplating the multitude of “Before and After” pictures I have shared and what to do going forward. I have very mixed feelings about those pictures, to be honest. On one hand, I want to take them all down. This isn’t about what I look like, it’s … Continue reading

Rest and Patience

Last Tuesday, I hit my head. The story behind this injury is pretty stupid. Nothing exciting. Not exercise related. No car accident. Basically, I fainted and fell on my head. I’m not sure if I hit the wall or the door frame or the floor, but whatever it was, it caused the lovely Harry Potter-esque … Continue reading

I Like Weight Maintenance

I got into a discussion with my boyfriend tonight and he was talking about how he heard some guys at the gym talking about plateaus and that the secret of getting past plateaus is to continuously change things up.  This is true, I can verify.  The body seeks equilibrium. And I realized, I am in … Continue reading

Why I Need to Know My Weight

First I want to write a little about something that has been on my mind lately.  It’s about advice regarding weight, weight loss, diet, etc.  I have noticed that people seem to think there is some kind of one-size-fits-all approach that is best and we should all follow this approach.  Generally, we each take our … Continue reading

Sometimes Foods

Through my experimentation and based on what I’ve learned through researching nutrition and how best to feed myself for optimum health and happiness, I have come to a very simple approach. First, I have my Always Foods, foods I try to eat more of, foods I eat everyday, multiple times a day.  Fresh fruit, fresh … Continue reading

When is Enough Enough?

I was just looking at my weight history and I realized that I have maintained my weight under 170 lb for exactly one year. That’s one whole year without a significant re-gain.  I dipped down to 161 at one point and bounced back up to 174 at another, but for the most part, I have … Continue reading

My Own Personal Fat Camp, Phoenix Arizona

When I was offered a job transfer to Arizona from Massachusetts over 3 years ago, my general attitude about it was “why not?”  I wasn’t particularly thrilled with Massachusetts, I didn’t know much about the American Southwest, and it seemed like my skills would be better suited to the work in the Phoenix location (they … Continue reading